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Robotikservis From an idea to the comprehensive robot service

At the beginning, of course, there was an idea. We did not intend to be too original, just to provide service for industrial robots. Service as it should be, in our opinion, in every technical industry. That is knowledgeable, detailed, fast, mobile and especially comprehensive. I think that our basic slogan - „Everything for industrial robots”
- adequately describes our intention.

We are not limited to programming and software creation. We have a complete portfolio of spare parts. We do not change the whole gearbox just because there is a defective bearing and we also carry out tuning of resolvers in refurbished engines ourselves
- we do not anyone who would do it better. No subcontracts - we do everything personally.

All in one place - professionally, thoroughly, in detail and for the utmost customer satisfaction. This is Robotikservis.

How did it all begin?

It all started in 2010 when my colleague and I were still doing service and assembly on behalf of one big unnamed company. At that time industrial robots constituted already a regular part of manufacturing facilities in every major enterprise, especially in the automotive industry. We walked between rows of oscillating robots, and suddenly my colleague says:
„Can you imagine the trouble when only one robot stops in that line?” And it was that.

The path to expertise

We started looking for information. About offers and competition on the market, material resources, training, documentation, capable people and everything that might be of some use to us. Gradually, we reached the conclusion that perhaps only the manufacturer would be able to provide the service we want to provide. It took us four and a half years before we could responsibly say that we have a product that we master and we can offer it.