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Servicing, repair and spare parts for industrial robots


A complete gear, one cannot do without the other. This is also related to some of the other products that we produce and manufacture primarily for our own needs and without which we would not be able to operate in a comprehensive manner. Seamless operation of industrial robots also involves inspection, refurbishment and possibly repair of the machine.

Servis a repase průmyslových robotů

Machinery and service equipment

Devices for dismantling the robot from the ceiling of an already enclosed workplace, degreasing and cleaning equipment, special elevated roller conveyors, special suspension and guide devices and many other necessary equipment items.

Sometimes it is about a totally individualised original procedure for each servicing provided.

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The most important aspect is in people

And there must be people. Especially those who enjoy it, for whom work has not just financial sense, but they want to learn and improve. Because otherwise it does not work. They are hard to find, but they exist and we are grateful for them.


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